4am. London. The world is yet to rise. I walk through the icy, dark landscape, peering through the fog, in search of the animals to which I have become so accustomed. As the sun pierces the horizon, burning through the fog and carving vivid colours into the sky, I am presented with a sight few Londoners experience. 

The beauty which surrounds us, especially in a dense metropolis such as London, is too often overlooked. Richmond Park is home to roughly 600 Red and Fallow Deer whom, over the years, have come to mean a great deal to me. Capturing them in the morning, isolated by fog and mist, never fails to remind me of this forgotten beauty. Every morning, millions of people go about their days missing the wonders which surround them. 

Wildlife photography is far from predictable. Combined with the weather dependant aesthetic I strive for (fog and mist), it often takes multiple trips before the variables align and I capture something worthwhile. 

I incorporate fog as much as possible as I adore the transformative quality it has. When fog descends on the world, our familiar landscapes take on an air of mystery. By photographing the deer within these landscapes, I isolate them and attempt to emphasise the majesty which I so plainly see. There is a peace and beauty within them which can be hard to find elsewhere.


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